Countly Web SDK

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What's Countly?

Countly is an innovative, real-time, open source mobile & web analytics, rich push notifications and crash reporting platform powering more than 2500 web sites and 14000 mobile applications as of 2017 Q3. It collects data from mobile phones, tablets, Apple Watch and other internet-connected devices, and visualizes this information to analyze application usage and end-user behavior.

With the help of Web SDK, Countly is a web analytics platform with features on par with mobile SDKs. For more information about web analytics capabilities, see this link.

There are two parts of Countly: the server that collects and analyzes data, and an SDK (mobile, web or desktop) that sends this data. This repository includes Countly Community Edition (server side). For more information other versions (e.g Enterprise Edition), see comparison of different Countly editions

This repository includes the Countly Web SDK. For more information about this SDK, Countly SDK for Web integration guide at Countly Resources or Countly Web SDK Documentation

Implementing Countly SDK in your web pages

There are 3 ways to get Countly SDK.

1. Available with Countly server

Since Countly server 16.02, Countly Web SDK is available in your Countly server installation in countly/frontend/express/public/sdk/web/countly.min.js which should be available through URL as

2. Installation using package managers

bower install countly-sdk-web


npm install countly-sdk-web


yarn add countly-sdk-web

3. Use a CDN (content delivery network)

Countly web SDK is available on CDNJS. Use either


How to use Countly Web SDK?

Link to the script and call helper methods based on what you want to track: sessions, views, clicks, custom events, user data, etc. More information is available at

Using Countly web SDK in your web page

Countly Web SDK has JSDoc3 compatible comments and you can generate documentation by running npm run-script docs or access online version at


Security is very important to us. If you discover any issue regarding security, please disclose the information responsibly by sending an email to and not by creating a GitHub issue.

Other Github resources

Check Countly Community Edition source code here:

There are also other Countly SDK repositories below:

How can I help you with your efforts?

Glad you asked. We need ideas, feedbacks and constructive comments. All your suggestions will be taken care with upmost importance. We are on Twitter and Facebook if you would like to keep up with our fast progress!


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Countly - Product Analytics

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Countly - Product Analytics

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For a public community support page, visit